The Free2Go Rollator – Changing Lives One Rollator at a Time.

October 2, 2016.

In April of this year, I was contacted by Kathy T. in NSW, Australia wanting to purchase a Free2Go Rollator, knowing (hoping?) it would provide her the independence she so desperately needed. I have shared Kathy’s testimonial with you a few times, but I’m not sure I shared her story.

Kathy is 54 years old, has a muscle wasting disease and, other than going to her medical appointments, was becoming homebound. She was a woman who loved to travel, go on scrapbooking retreats, and just live a normal life of coming and going like everyone else. But she couldn’t do the “normal” anymore.

Last night, I received the following email from Kathy:

Let me tell you, again, how much this Rollator has changed my life! I have my freedom and my dignity back! I live a good 6 hour drive from the capital of NSW, Sydney, where my specialist is based. I fly to my appointment with a helper. I cannot tell you how much easier it was in August to take just one walker (not a bag with raised toilet seat which I needed help to get up off anyway, and a walker). The Rollator was given royal treatment and went on as premium hand luggage. The trip, though still difficult, allowed me to toilet myself in privacy – something I thought I had lost!

So thank you very much, once again, for developing the Free2Go Rollator.

Cheers, Kath xxo

Kathy’s note warms my heart every time I read it.  With our seniors living well into their 80’s and 90’s, Kathy could have spent the next 30-40 years in her homebound because she could not perform the most basic function of daily living – using the toilet safely in any restroom.  Acceptable?  Certainly not.

There are many challenges in bringing a new product to market, especially when it involves a topic no one is comfortable discussing – toileting.  It will take some time to educate people there is finally a solution to the problem, but Free2Go Mobility Products is up for the task.

Restoring dignity … it’s what we do best.



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