Restoring independence … it’s what we do best!

Jessika & Poppa          Jessika & Poppa 2

August 29, 2016.

Free2Go Mobility Products received the following note and pictures from one very happy customer!

“Birthday boy is VERY happy & excited about his top of the line, fresh off the factory floor, Free2Go Mobility rollator!! He asked, “this is really mine!?” then grinned from ear to ear, like I can’t ever remember seeing him smile before! He walked easily around the yard for the first time in a couple years & immediately started planning things he could start doing again, outside of the house, without worrying about bathroom safety & mobility! My heart is happy! ❤️ Best gift we could ever have given him; some mobility & independence back! 👌🏽🙌🏽🚽🎁 “

“Poppa was literally a different person after testing it out! He was ecstatic at the thought of being able to go to tournaments at the club house again & maybe even take some evening walks with my grandma! Not only does it address the issue with public bathrooms, but the wheels are big & perfect for unsteady/uneven grounds! He hasn’t ventured out onto our lawn (or any lawn for that matter!) in years, because it isn’t stable with a cane or a walker with smaller wheels… but yesterday, he got out there & even kicked a ball with my niece, for the first time in her life!! 😍 It was incredible! We’re all so happy for him & for my grandma, for how much this is going to change their lives! Thank you, from all of us, for making such a needed & important product!👌🏽 You’re the best!! 😘 “


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