HomeCare Magazine April 2016 – Bath Safety


July 1, 2016.

I am pleased to share the following article in HomeCare’s April 2016 issue, which includes the Free2Go Rollator.
Bath Safety – Answers from Industry Experts

In this issue, Jenny Meske, Product Manager for Roscoe Medical, answered the following questions:

What are customers demanding?

MESKE: The ability to travel with products is a growing trend among independent seniors, resulting in new products that are portable and easy to transport, such as the new Free2Go Rollator. This unique design combines the features of a rolling walker with a built-in toilet seat, allowing one to safely and discreetly use a restroom toilet anywhere.

How will your company stay competitive this year?

MESKE: We plan to stay competitive through innovation and product improvements. Recently, we partnered with an entrepreneur to help bring her dream into reality with the Free2Go Rollator. Roscoe is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the product.

For more information about the Free2Go Rollator, please visit us at http://www.free2gomobility.com.



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