Elizabeth Landsverk, MD – ElderConsult


June 27, 2016.

Last Thursday evening, I attended the “Ask Me Anything: Questions For a Geriatrician Treating Dementia” with Dr. Elizabeth Landsverk, MD, Geriatrician.  I was so impressed with Dr. Landsverk’s presentation – warm, compassionate, extremely informative – and some humor mixed in, too.

Here is a little background on Dr. Landsverk and her services:

  • She is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Stanford University
  • She has been a Hospice Medical Director
  • She has consulted for the San Francisco Elder Abuse Forensics Center
  • She is currently the Medical Director at a dementia-only community in Belmont, as well as one in Redwood City
  • She is the Education Director for the California Culture Change Coalition

Dr. Landsverk founded ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine, a house calls practice, to address the challenging medical and behavioral issues facing older patients and their families.  Their mission, “To make life worth living”.  Dr. Landsverk has expanded to add an online community on her website to address challenging care issues with elders.

Please visit ElderConsult to see if these services could be of benefit to you and your family.


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